What nLive Offers?

We are a social enterprise whose mission is to support Industry transition from less sustainable practices to more sustainable practices.

Barista Training

We share our insights and eagerness to build a community with passionate people who can help each other further in their coffee journey. Perfect start for people who want to start doing something into the coffee and people who want to improve in certain specific fields.

Social Afternoons

Who doesn’t love English, Good Movie and Games? We offer these fun activities that serve as a first step toward engaging your children in deeper conversations strengthening the bond they share.

Kids Activities

They are learning while playing! That is how we do creative and enjoyable learning activities for kids. Hands-on learning helps kids understand, remember, and process. It is fun!

Have Fun

How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic

nLive for Apple/Mac, Windows PC’s, Tablets, Mobile Phones and everything in between We are committed to delivering a higher level of user experience and enjoyment than you thought possible!

Undoubtedly the biggest digital danger facing homes today is the seemingly infinite variety of viruses, scammers and dirty tricks. Contrary to popular belief; it is not enough to simply have security software on your computer.

We want everyone to feel secure. We put our money where our mouth is with guaranteed malware removal up to $500 repair directly from our team, not offshore.

You deserve technology that works The way you want

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